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Comment Text Formatting
Comment Text Formatting

Learn how to format your comments in Disqus

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To format text within your comment, you can use the Text Editor buttons, our supported hotkeys, or markdown formatting. These can be applied to text that has already been written, or they can be used before typing new text.

Text Editor Buttons

Each of the Text Editor buttons can be clicked when typed text is selected, and it will be applied to that text. Alternately, you may click the button first, and whatever you type next will appear with that formatting applied.

Below is an image of how the text will appear with each of the first 8 formatting options applied:

Hovering over linked text will show the URL that the link points to. The grey rectangle is text that has Spoiler tags applied to it. Hovering over text with spoiler tags applied will render the text visible. More information on our Spoiler tags may be found here.

Supported Hotkeys

The following hotkeys are currently supported:

(note: CTRL should be CMD/for Mac)

  • ⌘/Ctrl + b for Bold

  • ⌘/Ctrl + i for Italics

  • ⌘/Ctrl + u for Underline

  • ⌘/Ctrl + s for Strikethrough

  • ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 0 for Spoiler

  • ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + m for Code

  • ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + 9 for Blockquote

Markdown Formatting

The following markdown is currently supported:

  • *text* for Italics

  • _text_ for Italics

  • **text** for Bold

  • __text__ for Underline

  • ~~text~~ for Strikethrough

  • `text` for Code

  • > text for Blockquote

Syntax Highlighting

Disqus supports automatic syntax highlighting in a number of languages. To use this feature, place your code inside `` markdown symbols (this character appears on the same key as ~). Using these code markers will ensure that the code formatting is preserved.

For example:

`var foo = 'bar';

By default, Disqus will try to automatically detect the language.

Supported languages

  • Bash

  • Diff

  • JSON

  • Perl

  • C#

  • HTML/XML (Note: You must first HTML-encode these tags to display them)

  • Java

  • Python

  • C++

  • HTTP

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

  • CSS

  • Ini

  • PHP

  • SQL

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