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Who can vote on comments?
Guests and logged out users can no longer vote on comments. Login or register a Disqus account to vote.

What does voting look like?

Below each comment there are upvote and downvote buttons which will add your vote to the tally.

Why vote on comments?

Voting actively will increase the engagement with your fellow commenters without adding a comment. This will help create an incentive to post content which you approve of.

Can I find out who voted on my comments?

To view the people who have voted on a comment, hover your mouse over the vote icon which will reveal a box of users who have upvoted or downvoted the comment. Here's a screenshot of how this looks:

 You can also view your total number of received upvotes by hovering your mouse over your avatar when it appears with a comment. A tally of the number of upvotes or downvotes per comment is also available next to the voting buttons on any comment.

Didn't mean to vote on something?

You can undo any vote by clicking the button again.

Who can vote on comments?

Only logged-in users can vote.

Why is my upvote count decreasing in my profile?

When a Disqus account is deleted, all comments and votes are also removed. Your upvote count will fluctuate over time if you have votes from users whose accounts have been deleted.

Hiding the downvote count and list

Showing the downvote count and list of downvoters for a comment may not be appropriate for all communities. If you’d like to hide the count and list for downvotes for all comments, you may disable this by checking the Downvote Details option at the bottom of your Community Settings page.

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