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Accessibility on Disqus
Accessibility on Disqus
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Here are some examples of how Disqus is made with screenreader accessibility in mind:

  • We use WAI-ARIA tags/attributes.

  • We use best practices with keyboard navigation. Any modal box (profile modals) launched from the embed is marked properly as a modal and gets the keyboard focus. The whole embed is navigable via keyboard and tabs with proper alt/title text for screen readers (except for the image upload button for simplicity).

  • We hide some "decorative" elements to clean-up voice-guided keyboard navigation.

Screenreaders we recommend for the best experience:

  • VoiceOver

  • NVDA

Please note that although we strive to make Disqus work well with screenreaders in all the most popular modern browsers, Disqus typically works best with screenreader technology in Firefox on Windows.

What to do if you have encountered vision related accessibility issues while using Disqus (including those related to low-vision or visual processing disorders)

Please let us know by sending a report to

When sending a report, please include the following information:

  1. Your browser and version (please note that we may not be able to support all screenreader issues in IE8 at this time).

  2. You operating system and version.

  3. Your screenreader and version (if applicable).

  4. A summary of what issues you're encountering.

  5. Specific examples of issues related to features of Disqus (if applicable).

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