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Windows Phone app help
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What's new

Version 1.3

In-progress comment won't disappear when locking the screen; New mobile-friendly edit profile page; Notifications will un-highlight when clicking dismiss all; Bug fixes and new languages.

Version 1.2

New inline browser; A link to your recent discussions; Images now show up for threads (when available); Some bug fixes and new translations.

Version 1.1

Some bug fixes, added a Dutch translation and improved Italian translations.

Version 1.0

This is the first version of the Disqus app! Send us your feedback.

Getting Started

What is DISQUS?

Disqus is a network of thousands of live discussions across the web on many of the largest websites in the world, and covering any topic imaginable.

What does this app do?

The Disqus app will help you keep up with your favorite communities, find new discussions, and manage your identity all on the go. You can pin discussions or custom searches right to your home screen for easy access later as well.

Logging in

You can log in to DISQUS using the same credentials you've registered with on, or any Disqus-enabled website. If you're not sure if you have an account you can get additional help in our documentation.

Registering an account

You can register for an account right in the application, and you can use this same account on the web version of Disqus as well.

What's next?

  1. Fill out your profile.

  2. Find awesome communities.

  3. Follow interesting people.


Your profile

Your profile is your own space on Disqus and allows other users to know what type of commenter you are. You can enter your display name (shown next to your comments), your website URL, a location and a brief bio for others to read.

Following users

You may follow other commenters who you're interested in keeping up with. Following will populate your network activity with a feed of their latest comments anywhere on the Disqus network.

Finding communities

There are thousands of highly active communities on Disqus covering any interest across many different regions. You can find some of our top communities through the explore topics, search, through user profiles and by following more users who share your interests. You'll be considered active on a community by commenting, voting on, or starring discussions on that site.


You'll receive a notification for announcements from Disqus or when someone replies to your comments. If you've pinned Disqus to your start page, we'll occasionally check for notifications and update the live tile.


What is a Discussion?

Discussions are threads of comments that belong to a certain topic. Around the web you'll find Disqus as a thread on each article or post on a site and is the primary way to interact with Disqus.

Leaving a comment

Make your opinion known! If the site allows it, you can leave a comment through the app on a discussion. You can either leave a top-level comment, or reply to another user.

Starring threads

Starring discussions are a good way to participate without commenting. This will put the site on your active communities area, and also populate "active threads" in your network feed so you can stay up-to-date on comments

Comment voting

Voting on comments help surface the top comments in a discussion. In addition, upvoting a comment will aggregate it to your followers' dashboard feeds. Downvoting shouldn't be used for inappropriate or spam comments, flagging the post would be more appropriate


You can share any comment or discussion to the social networks you've configured on the phone. This will link people to the web version of Disqus.


What can I comment on?

Commenting is enabled on virtually every site in the network. A select few require that you visit their site in order to create an account with them, but you only need to do this once.

Commenting Rules

DISQUS imposes no broad rules on commenting, but many communities have their own rules that can result in your comments being removed, pre-screened or get you banned. Visit each site to get a sense of what the community rules are before participating.

Who do I contact about my comments?

The moderator of the website owns the comments, and should be contacted for any questions. DISQUS is here to help with any technical issues you have with the system.

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