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Mobile Integration
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Getting started

Disqus will automatically adapt to mobile versions of websites, and there are two supported ways to integrate Disqus into your Mobile App.

Mobile websites (cross-platform)

The Disqus javascript embed is already designed to adapt to touch interactions and narrower mobile containers, so the mobile versions of websites should appear correctly in mobile browsers with no additional specifications needed. See Which browsers does Disqus work with?

Mobile Apps

There are two supported methods for integrating Disqus into a mobile app:

Loading Disqus via Mobile Webview

In this method, you'll want to host the Disqus embed on an externally-accessible server, and then show this page within a mobile webview window within your app. Full instructions and considerations for this method may be found on our Javascript Embed for Native Apps page. A visual of this method may be seen on the left in the image below.

Custom Frontend and Disqus API

Disqus may also be integrated into a mobile app by creating your own custom frontend, and then running all functions through the Disqus API. A full list of our API calls may be found at Please note that by default, our API is rate limited to 1000 calls per hour. As a result, a Business subscription may be required to lift the API rate limit for proper functionality using this method.

Other Disqus Mobile App Integrations

Third-party libraries

This open-source library allows you to integrate Disqus into your iOS apps.

Windows Phone

Tips and techniques for integrating the Disqus javascript in Windows Phone.

How to use the native Windows Phone SDK in your apps.

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