• Share your new channel on Channel Chat - Tell us about the new channel you just created! Or maybe you have an idea for a channel but are looking for some feedback first? 
  • Add a link to your channel in your profile - Also mention your new channel in your bio to encourage people to check out your new digs! 
  • Invite friends and family to your new channel - Share a link to your channel with your friends, colleagues, loved ones, second cousins, that barista at your favorite Starbucks. (Pro-tip: You can create an easy-to-remember short URL using the following format: https://channelname.disq.us)
  • Check out the Explore page - Find examples of great communities already on Disqus like Talk Shop for beauty & fashion and Skip/Repeat for music lovers. On every channel, you can also find a list of commenters in the list of Top Contributors that showcases best commenters in that community (located on the right rail of the channel feed. 
  • Read The Mod Playbook - An introduction to our Community Philosophy, best practices for moderation best practices, a walkthrough of the available channel moderation features, and creating discussions
  • Read the Home Rules - The basic rules governing all channels on Disqus. You can easily link to this by sharing this link: "https://disqus.com/home/channel/[channelname]/guidelines/"
  • Start your first discussion! - A channel's life blood are its discussions. As the Community Leader, you set the dialogue through discussions you lead. Looking for ideas for your first discussion? How about a discussion introducing yourself to the community and what the channel is about. Here are some examples from Select Start and Skip/Repeat.
  • Comment and start discussions on related communities - Chances are the people you want to be active members of your new community are hanging out in other channels on Disqus. Find these related communities via the Explore page, start interesting discussions, and join ones that others have already started. Be careful with posting comments containing only links to your channel as it may be views as self-promotion. When in doubt, look for meaningful opportunities to add value to your next discussion. 
  • Share your feedback or questions with the Disqus Channel Team! It's no surprise: We know how much you love to share your opinion. Which is one of the reasons why we started Channel Chat; so that your new channel has a best chance to succeed. 
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