Discussion invitations are notifications to join a discussion in a channel. They look like this:

Who can send them and how do you do it?
When a new discussion is posted in a channel, the moderators of the channel can invite users in the community to join the discussion.
Start by clicking "Edit" under the discussion's title:

Then, check the box at the bottom of the discussion editor page that says "Invite most active users".

Who receives them?
The top, active contributors in the community. This is influenced by comment activity, upvotes, replies, and other factors.

How do you determine who received the discussion invite?
It’s currently not possible to determine who received a discussion invite.

Can you send an invitation to a discussion more than once?
Once an invite is sent for a discussion, it can't be sent again.

Can you unsubscribe from discussion invite notifications?
You can turn off discussion invites via your Web Notifications settings page. It's not possible to unsubscribe on a per-channel basis.

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