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Translating Disqus
Translating Disqus
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What languages does Disqus support?

Disqus currently supports dozens of languages, ranging from Arabic to Ukrainian. For a full list of supported languages, see the Disqus project on Transifex.

How do I change my site's language?

Site language can be changed at the Disqus admin > Settings > General page.

What if my language isn't listed?

You can request a new language be proposed for translation. To do so:

  1. Visit the Disqus project on Transifex.

  2. Select "Request language" (requires being logged-in to Transifex).

  3. Choose your desired new language. If your language is not listed, that means it is available for translation but requires more translations before it can appear in Disqus. In this case, see How can I help translate Disqus? below.

  4. Select "Request team".

Please note this does not guarantee this language will be accepted for translation. New translation proposals are reviewed on a regular basis.

How can I help translate Disqus?

Disqus uses Transifex to crowdsource translations. To help translate Disqus:

  1. Visit the Disqus project on Transifex.

  2. Create an account if you have not already by clicking “Help translate Disqus" in the upper right-hand corner. After creating your account navigate back to Disqus project.

  3. Select “Join team” and select a language to request to be added.

  4. Once accepted, click “Translate” in upper right corner of the Disqus project dashboard, and follow the prompts to get started.

The community tries to approve new translators regularly. If you aren't approved right away, please be patient.

Become A Translations Reviewer

Disqus translations are a community-powered effort. The community is always looking for passionate individuals who can help review translations, making the process even faster and more accurate. Translations reviewer responsibilities include:

  • Verifying correctness of proposed translations.

  • Approving all new translations at least 1x/week.

  • Not letting bad words through.

In general, translations reviewers should be active members in the Transifex community who are already involved in translating other Transifex projects.

To apply as a translations reviewer:

  1. Visit the Disqus project on Transifex.

  2. Follow the above instructions to create an account and join the Disqus team for a language, if you haven’t already.

  3. Click “Translate” on the language you wish to help review.

  4. Choose any of the coordinators to view their profile and send them a message explaining why you'd be a great translations reviewer.

Get updates when new translation strings are available

Transifex allows users to follow projects they help translate and watch them for any updates. Translators can also choose to watch only a specific language or a project.

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