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What constitutes spam is constantly evolving. Spam can be generally described as unsolicited, repeated actions that negatively impact other users. The following types of content are common characteristics that may be viewed as spam and warrant removal:

  • Comments or discussions posted in large quantities to promote or sell a product/service. If you’re just posting links to a site of a business you operate or adding a link as a signature at the end of your comments, they may be flagged as spam.

  • The exact same comment posted repeatedly to disrupt a thread.

  • Following users multiple times even after they’ve removed you as a follower.

  • Following a large number of users for the purposes of disruption or self-promotion.

  • Posting off-topic discussions or comments not relevant to a community.

  • Profile display name, bio, location, or link that promotes or sell a product/service.

A good practice before posting is to review the community guidelines for the site, if provided. Moderators are the best people to inquire about a potential topic and whether or not it is considered spam. Also, take a moment to review recent comments in the community to see the posting requirements in action.

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