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Will I lose comments if I uninstall Disqus?
Will I lose comments if I uninstall Disqus?
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No. You can export your comments from Disqus at any time if you ever decide to remove Disqus from your site.
The Disqus for WordPress plugin supports the ability to automatically sync comments from Disqus back to WordPress. These comments will remain in WordPress should Disqus be deactivated or removed.

Before uninstalling

We recommend verifying all comments have been synced back to the WordPress comment system.

  • Comments already synced to WordPress can be viewed at the WordPress admin > Comments > All Comments page.

For non-WordPress sites

We also offer a custom XML export format for backup purposes.

Syncing to Blogger

We're currently unable to support syncing functionality for Blogger. We recognize that this functionality is an important feature for many Blogger blogs and we apologize for any pains this disruption in service may cause. We want publishers to have a great experience and hope to restore syncing services to Blogger in the future. While Blogger syncing is unavailable, your comments will be kept safely within Disqus as long as your Disqus shortname remains undeleted. You also have the option to export your comments for backup purposes.

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