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In addition to the comment threads on their pages, each site using Disqus will also have a Site Profile. The site profile is where users may:

  • Follow the site

  • View active discussions created by that Site

  • View the top commenters of the community

Viewing a Site's Profile

When on a given site, you can visit their site profile by clicking the Community link in the dropdown menu.

If you've commented on a site, a link to their Site Profile will also appear at the top of any comment on your user profile.

Viewing a Site's Active Discussions

Once on the Site Profile, you may view a list of active Discussions from that forum. This section will show all threads that have had at least one comment posted to them within a week of thread creation.

Following and interacting with a site

Follow a community or a site by going to their page and clicking on the follow button in the top banner. Once you start following the site, new content will start flowing into your home feed. You may also view the site's Top Commenters by clicking the Top Commenters option below the Follow button.

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