Subscription Plans

Are all sites required to run ads?

For personal blogs, .edu sites, and non-profits, Disqus advertising is optional. If you are a small, non-commercial site, you are eligible for a free subscription to our Plus plan.

How long does the trial period last?

The trial period lasts for the first 30 days after you sign up for Disqus. You can see how much time you have left in your trial from the Subscription and Billing tab on your Admin Settings page.

What happens at the end of the trial?

If you have not entered your billing information to confirm your subscription by the end of your trial, you will be automatically put on the Basic version of Disqus, which is free to use and supported by advertising. You have until the end of the trial to enter your billing information for your subscription.

Once your subscription ends (either at the end of the trial or after a failed charge or subscription cancellation), you'll be reverted to the Basic plan, and Ads will be turned on for all sites within the organization.

When will my subscription start?

If you enter your billing information before the end of your trial, your subscription will start at the end of your trial period. You will not be charged before the end of your trial. If you do not enter your billing information before the end of your trial, you will be reverted to Basic. If you enter your billing information after your trial, your subscription will start immediately.

How does Disqus measure traffic for my site?

Disqus measures traffic by the number of times the Disqus comment embed loads on your site, which happens on every page load where Disqus is enabled. Page loads that do not have the Disqus embed, such as homepages, do not count towards the traffic measured by Disqus.

Do you offer an annual pricing option?

Yes, annual pricing can save you 10%. Just visit Admin > Subscription & Billing to select "Switch to Yearly billing" for an active plan or toggle the "Billed Yearly" button when selecting a new plan subscription.

“How can I cancel my subscription?”

To cancel your subscription, please email our team at:
They will be able to assist with any issues and walk you through the cancellation procedure.

Ad configuration and settings

What configuration options are available with ads?

For publishers on our Basic Plan, an ad unit in the above-the-comments position, is included. Publishers can reach out to our team for questions specific to ads on their site. Additional positions and configurations are available for larger publishers that are part of our revenue share program.

Why were ads activated on my site?

The free version of Disqus is supported by advertising. Commercial sites on this version of Disqus will likely have some advertising. We email publishers before activating advertising. If no one at your organization received these emails, please reach out to us so that we can verify your contact information.

Do I earn money from ads while using the Basic package?

The Basic package does allow a site to use the Disqus service for free, but does not necessarily mean that they earn revenue from the ads being shown. You can visit this page for more information on earning revenue from your Disqus Ads. 

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