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Contacting Disqus about a deceased user
Contacting Disqus about a deceased user
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In the event of the death of a Disqus user, we can work with a person authorized to act on the behalf of the estate or with a verified immediate family member of the deceased to have an account deactivated. In order for us to process an account deactivation, please provide us with all of the following information:
 - A URL that is a direct link to a comment made by the deceased person
 - A copy of the deceased user’s death certificate
 - A copy of your government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license)
 - A signed statement including:

  • Your first and last name

  • Your email address

  • Your current contact information

  • Your relationship to the deceased user or their estate

  • Action requested (e.g., ‘please deactivate the Disqus account’)

  • A brief description of the details that evidence this account belongs to the deceased, if the name on the account does not match the name on death certificate.

  • A link to an online obituary or a picture of the obituary from a local newspaper (optional)

Should we require any other information, we will contact you at the email address you have provided in your request. If you have any questions, you can contact us with our Support Form or through Discuss Disqus.

Please note: We are unable to provide account access to anyone regardless of his or her relationship to the deceased.

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