Access to Moderation Rules is currently available with a Business subscription. If you would like to subscribe to Business, you can do so in your Subscription & Billing.

Moderation rules allow you to define your automated moderation practices by assigning certain actions to filters. This feature allows your team to work more efficiently by freeing up your time to focus on non-repetitive moderation tasks.

Start by clicking the button labeled + Add Rule to add your first rule. Below is a sample rule that you can configure:

You can choose any combination of the following:

If comment matches:

  • Contains link
  • Flagged at least 5 times

If user matches:

  • Profile flagged at least 5 times


  • Send to Pending
  • Delete
  • Mark as spam

To enable the rule, click the toggle button from OFF to On. Note that individual rules can be assigned different priority by using the up and down arrows, found in the left section of each rule. If a comment matches multiple rules, the top most rule will take the highest priority.

Click Save to save your current set of moderation rules.

Comments affected by a moderation rule will be marked with a reason like: In Pending because Toxic

We want to hear from you! If you have feedback about this feature, please click the button labeled Talk to Support in the sidebar on the right.

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