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Channel Moderation
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Below are the general guidelines for Channel Moderation:

  • Follow the Basic Rules

  • No Spam

  • No Hateful Content

  • No Trash-talking

  • Keep It Clean (And Legal)

  • Redirect Off-Topic Discussions

Follow the Basic Rules
As a channel moderator, you are expected to enforce the Basic Rules in your community. Failure to enforce the basic rules or abide by them yourself may result in moderator privileges being rescinded.

No Spam
Channels are a place for discussion, not for selling or promoting websites, products, events or petitions. Spam discussions will be removed, and spammers may be banned.

No Hateful Content
Discussions and comments promoting sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, or generally offensive content will be removed and banned.

No Trash-talking
Discussions created to harass other users will be removed, even if they do not mention user(s) by name. Activity repeatedly disrupting the Channels ecosystem may result in warnings, timeouts, or bans. Respectful disagreement is allowed, and users are encouraged to block anyone that they cannot engage with respectfully.

Keep It Clean (And Legal)
Explicit material and illegal content are not permitted on channels. Users posting this type of content in comments or discussions will be banned.

Redirect Off-Topic Discussions
Discussions that do not belong within the channel they are posted to may be closed, with a gentle reminder given to the posting user as to which channel is most appropriate for the topic they wish to discuss.

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