Suggested Actions help publishers make faster, more informed moderation decisions.

This tool analyzes pending comments for signals such as Toxicity, User Reputation, Flagging, and User Reporting, as well as historical moderation actions of the moderator in order to provide personalized suggestions, which match those normally taken.

While moderating comments, you will see Suggested Actions for comments. For example, Disqus may suggest that the moderator delete the pending comment that is marked as Toxic and posted by a Low-rep user.

For moderators who find themselves agreeing with most of our suggestions, we've also added a new bulk action. Moderators can choose to bulk accept all suggestions by selecting multiple comments and accepting the suggested actions at once.

If you take a different action from what is suggested, we will use that information to improve the algorithm.

While Suggested Actions does provide a suggested moderation actions for pending comments, it does not take any moderation actions automatically.

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