Guest Commenting

Guest commenting is an optional feature in Disqus that allows users to comment without creating a Disqus profile.

How is guest commenting different?

Commenting as a guest is different than commenting with a registered Disqus account in two main ways:


Please note: We no longer support Gravatars associated with the email address used when making guest comments. Users can still create a Disqus account and claim their comments, which will then inherit the avatar set.

  1. Neither a Disqus account nor profile will be created using your credentials. This also means all benefits of having a registered account, such as being able to customize your avatar, settings, display name, and website address, are not included when commenting as a guest.
  2. Commenting as a guest also means you will not be subscribed to email notifications of new comments, including replies to your comments.

Is guest commenting the same as anonymous commenting?

No. Guest commenting is the ability to comment without registration. You may do so anonymously, with a pseudonym, or with your real identity.

Anonymous or pseudonymous commenting with registration remains available as always.

How do I enable guest commenting?

Guest commenting can be enabled at the Disqus admin > Settings > General page in the Guest Commenting setting.

How do I know if a site has guest commenting enabled?

You'll see a checkbox below the Password field when posting a comment that says "I'd rather post as guest".

Screenshot of log-in area with guest commenting enabled

How do I comment as a guest?

When commenting, simply enable the "I'd rather post as guest" checkbox. Your credentials will not be used to create a Disqus account or profile, nor will you receive any email notifications.

Why can't I comment as a guest?

Not all sites in Disqus allow guest commenting. If you'd like more information on why guest commenting isn't available on a site in question, kindly contact that site's moderators.

If you are unable to comment on a site with guest commenting enabled, check out Why can't I comment?

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