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Publisher Quick Start Guide

Note: if you are not a moderator of any forum or you are currently logged out of Disqus, you will get redirected to this page when trying to access the admin panel. Below is how you can create a Disqus forum, if you'd like.

Disqus works on virtually any type of website or blogging platform, and is very simple to install through the use of our embed code. This guide will outline the steps to setting up Disqus on your website.

Steps for gettings started

  1. Register with Disqus

    Before going any further, you will need to register your website with Disqus. You will also need to create a user profile in order to login and administer this website. During registration, you will pick a shortname for your site, which is how Disqus identifies your website community in the system.

  2. Install Disqus

    Disqus is compatible with many popular blogging platforms, content management systems, and virtually any custom website. Some examples of blogging platforms are WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. Visit the installation instructions section of the website to find the instructions for your platform.

    Not using any of the suggested platforms? Thank try using our Universal Embed Code. Follow our instructions closely and make sure you set the correct shortname variable so that comments go to your forum.

  3. Configure Disqus

    Disqus provides publishers with the tools they need to cultivate thriving communities. Your forum settings allow you to add moderators, set community rules, and more.

    After everything is setup

    Moderate your comments

    Disqus offers many tools to help you easily manage your community; learn more on our Moderation page.

    Home Feed

    Your Home is the main page you see when you visit For more information about how your site's community will show up on Disqus, how it can be followed, and more, check out Your Homepage on Disqus.

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