Universal Embed Code

Disqus can be installed on virtually any website using the universal JavaScript embed code. The following documentation is meant for developers only. Disqus also provides installation instructions for dozens of popular blogging and website platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and more.

Before you start

  • Make sure you've registered your website with Disqus. Read the Quickstart Guide for more information.
  • You will need to be able to edit the HTML of the website you are installing Disqus on.
  • To install Disqus, you will need to know your forum shortname as registered on Disqus.

Embed code

This is the JavaScript embed code which loads and displays Disqus on your site, typically on the individual article or post pages. The disqus_thread ID is where the postbox is loaded, so make sure to include it above the embed script as shown below.

Note: Don't forget to change EXAMPLE to your forum's shortname.

Configuration variables

Within the above embed code, there are configuration variables which tell Disqus how the system should work and behave. EXAMPLE is your "shortname" and should be replaced to tell Disqus which website account (called a forum on Disqus) this system belongs to.


this.page.url tells Disqus how to uniquely identify the current page.

this.page.identifier tells Disqus the location of the page for permalinking purposes.

There are many more configuration variables available, but these are the most important. To learn more about these and the other configuration variables, read JavaScript configuration variables.

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Easy Installation

Some platforms also provide simple steps for installation that do not require any javascript coding. These integrations can be found on our installation page
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