Using the Blacklist and Whitelist

Use the blacklist to block spammers, offensive commenters and/or those who violate your commenting policy. This will block the user from posting future comments and give you the option to retroactively delete their comments from the past 30 days.

Whitelisting will ensure that their comments are posted immediately though it won't prevent their comments from being marked as spam. This is used for trusted commenters, such as community regulars or website staff who aren't listed as moderators.

While blacklisting is immediate, retroactive deletions may take up to 24 hours to complete.

How to Blacklist/Whitelist

On the Embed (Blacklist only)

Hover the mouse over the comment, click Moderate and then Block User.

Moderate Panel

Expand the comment, then click Blacklist.

Engage > Banned Users

If you're moderator with 'Settings' permissions, you can add a commenter's usernameemail address, and/or IP address directly to your forum's master blacklist/whitelist.

Blacklisting/whitelisting email domains

Email domains like can also be blacklisted/whitelisted at Settings > Access Control by selecting Domain in the Add item > Type dropdown.

Keep in mind: Blacklisting an email domain will block anyone using that domain from posting comments to your site, whether intentional or not. For example, blacklisting the gmail.comdomain will block all users with an email address ending in from posting comments to your site. When possible, we recommend blocking individual users before blocking domains.

Finding Blacklist/Whitelist Items

You can search your Whitelist/Blacklist at Disqus Admin > Engage > Banned Users.

Can't find a blocked commenter?

  • Check your blacklisted IP addresses

    If possible, find the blocked commenter's IP address from a previous comment and search your blacklist for it.

    Keep in mind: Blacklisting an IP will block anyone using that IP from posting comments to your site, whether intentional or not.

  • Search by email or IP for guest commenters

    Guest commenters can only be blacklisted using an email address or IP address since they don't have a username.

  • Looking for a third-party service username?

    Non-Disqus commenters have a username similar to twitter-123456789. You can find this username by expanding a user's comment in the Moderation Panel and then clicking the user drop-down.

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