Getting started

Engage by Disqus is the easiest-to-use and feature-rich commenting and community platform for publishers.

Engage offers robust administrative and moderation tools to help you keep your community vibrant and welcoming and to manage the data stored in Disqus.

Each section below contains best practices to consider when configuring your Engage forum. We recommend configuring your forum settings and planning your moderation practices to best suit your goals and the needs of your unique site/community. See the Ads Launch Pad for monetizing content.

Basic settings

The basic configuration details for a site include appearance settings, site information, and basic rules that apply to commenters on your site.

Appearance settings

Learn more about updating your background color and other appearance tweaks.

Site identity information

What gets seen around the network.

Multi-lingual websites

Configure Disqus to appear in your community's preferred language.

Filters and community rules

Setting up automated rules that single out individuals or classes of users is a good way to make moderation easier. These guides provide an overview of how to use these features.

Community rules & adding moderators to your site

Set rules, add additional moderators/admins to your site, and restrict certain words.

Using the "Ban User" and "Trust User" controls

Manage who is blocked from commenting and who can be immune from existing moderation rules.

Advanced configuration

Options targeted at advanced users or certain use cases.

Adding a default commenter avatar

How to upload a custom avatar for users who don't have one.

Using categories

How to set categories and filter data with the API.

Configure trusted domains

Set a trusted domain to keep your Disqus shortname from loading on unwanted sites.

Moderating comments

How to use the moderation tools.

Moderation panel overview

Moderate, get context, search and edit comments on your site through the moderation panel.

User reputation

Take advantage of user reputation to help you moderate.

Inline and email moderation

Moderate comments within the public discussion thread or from your inbox.

Managing discussions

Disqus provides a number of tools to help you manage discussions on your site. This includes migrating, closing, importing/exporting or changing basic details about each.

Introduction to the discussions editor

Manage discussions individually by updating titles, URLs, authors and closing threads.

Using the migration tools

Change your site to a new address and comments went missing? Update them using any of the migration tools.

Importing and Exporting

Import existing comments and discussions from another system.

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