Information on the Disqus Pro Analytics may be found here. Information on Ads and Revenue Analytics may be found here.

Building a community is hard. Buckets of blood, sweat, and tears go into it. For over 3.5 million sites, Disqus is a part of that community building process. But sometimes it can feel like guesswork. Commenting and Ads analytics are designed to make the arduous process of increasing readership and tracking your earnings performance over time even easier.

These analytics cover three key areas:

  • Comments: number of comments, number of votes, and top comments

  • Revenue: revenue, viewable impressions, viewability %, RPMv, and clicks from using Disqus Ads

  • Payments: earnings history and payment schedule

Note that the Revenue and Payments pages will only display if your forum has Disqus Ads enabled. See Updating Your Advertising Settings for more information.

Basic Community Metrics


Comment Activity

Total comment and vote activity is available for your site in both daily and monthly view. You can select a custom date range or select a shortcut date range to track commenting activity over time in your community. You can also export a CSV of commenting activity for additional processing and reporting.

 Top Comments

These are the comments from the last 7 days that have received the most positive voting ratios. This section can help you identify new and active users in your forum.

If you are interested in using your own analytics tool to capture commenting activity, see our help documentation here.

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