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Ads and Payments analytics and metrics

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**Note: Ads analytics are only available to publishers eligible for Disqus Ads. More information on Disqus Ads can be found here.
​For commenting analytics, please see our articles here and here.

Once you've gotten confirmation that you've been set up to earn revenue with Disqus Ads, an Ads tab will appear at the top of your moderation panel. Clicking into that tab will give options to monitor both earned revenue and payments.


You'll find a line chart and table that details the following performance metrics for your forum. This data can be filtered by any date range you'd like using the provided drop down.

  • Ad Revenue: Amount you earned from Disqus advertising

  • Viewable Impressions: How often users scroll down below the fold and see Disqus ads

  • Viewability %: How often users scroll below the fold and see Disqus ads compared to overall page impressions

  • RPMv: Revenue earned per 1,000 viewable impressions


Your Payments page will provide additional rows detailing upcoming payments.

Revenue becomes available to be paid out 90 days from the month in which it was earned.
The Upcoming Payment section will display the amount in green that has passed the 90 day mark and is ready to be paid out. The date of the next payment window will appear immediately below the Upcoming Payment amount.
The Unpaid Earnings section will contain all revenue that has been earned but has not yet passed the 90 day mark. Each month's earnings will move from Unpaid Earnings to Upcoming Payment as they they pass the 90 day mark.

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