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Blogger Syncing and Importing
Blogger Syncing and Importing
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Comments Won't Sync to Blogger

Syncing is not currently working for some Blogger sites due to a re-factoring Blogger performed which causes some authorization processes to fail during the sync process. This may also results in emails stating the following: "You are receiving this email because you've chosen to sync your comments on Disqus with your Blogger blog. Unfortunately, we were not able to access this blog." We’re currently looking into our overall Blogger integration based on this and other changes on Blogger's end.

Your forum's comments are not being lost in the meantime and are all still stored in Disqus. They can also be exported into an XML file for backup purposes at any time from your forum's Tools > Import/Export page. Sorry for the current hassle and don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Comments Synced to Wrong Blogger Post

In some cases, comments can be synced to the wrong post in Blogger. We're looking into this issue on our end. The status in which a comment is synced from Disqus is not updated if that status later changes, so it won't be possible to correct this issue within Disqus. We are working on improving this functionality, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Synced Comments Showing Site Owner Name Instead of Commenter Name

If your blog's settings allow only certain people to comment within Blogger, all comments synced from Disqus will be shown as authored by the blog owner instead of the commenter.
To prevent this, go to Blogger → Settings → Comments and set the Who Can Comment? option to Anyone.

Syncing status can sometimes show the incorrect count

Importing reply comments from Blogger to Disqus

Due to some limitations our Blogger import tool, reply comments within Blogger will be imported into Disqus as top level comments. Once Disqus is active on your Blogger site, reply comments will be available as normal within Disqus, but old Blogger comments can not be changed. We apologize for this inconvenience.


If you would like to provide us additional feedback on any of these issues, please click here.

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