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Receiving payments from Disqus
Receiving payments from Disqus
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The following conditions must be met before a payment can be issued:

  • Must be eligible for Disqus Ads.

  • Earnings must exceed the amount of 100.00 USD (after fees). Earnings and payments are on a per forum basis โ€“ earnings from multiple forums cannot be consolidated into one payment.

  • Payment information must be complete. If you have more than one forum with Ads enabled, payment information must be completed for each forum individually. Only moderators with 'Can change settings' permissions can access payment information.

Payment Timing

Payments are sent once a month by month end. Disqus payment terms are net 90, so payments earned through July are paid at the end of October, earnings through August at the end of November, etc. Earnings must be due and over $100 to be paid.

Payment Information

You can locate and complete payment information using the following steps:

1. Navigate to your ads settings.

2. Click "Set up or update your payment method" under "Payment information".

3. Complete the following forms:

  • Contact information

  • Method of Payment

  • Tax form

We'll send you a confirmation email once your payment information is complete and for each payment we make to you.

What Fees are charged?

Fees may vary depending on your country. Our payment service provider charges nominal fees depending on your form of payment, the fees are generally as follows:

  • PayPal - $1 (+ normal PayPal fees according to your individual settings)

  • ACH - $1

  • Wire Transfer - $15

  • eCheck - $5

  • Check - $6

International Payments

Can I receive payments in EUR or USD if Iโ€™m in a country not in the European Union or the US? Yes, if your chosen payment method supports it. For example, if you are in Germany and choose "Wire Transfer" as a payment method, the option to be paid in Euros, Pounds, or Dollars is available:

Still have questions?

Contact our support team with the shortname of the forum you have questions about and any other important details.

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