People are talking passionately all across the network of Disqus-powered sites. There's never been one place to find new discussions to join about the topics you care most about. Your homepage on Disqus is where you can find everything you might care about across the Disqus network in one place.
 Home provides a truly integrated experience for people and sites you follow. See whenever a new article is posted on a site that you follow, every time a friend replies or upvotes your comment, and whenever someone follows you. Also, you can now reply to other users and vote on their comments from within your Disqus Home feed.
 With Home on Disqus, you'll be able to find new content, and check out the articles and updates from people you already follow, all in one place.
 Here's a snapshot of what you can find in in Home:

Inbox: View all of your notifications in one place with the ability to reply and follow from your notifications feed. Get notified of replies, upvotes, discussions you've been invited to, and follows in the Disqus embed or in Home.
Recommendations: Community recommendations are a central feature of Disqus Home. When you ♥ (“Recommend”) a discussion, it shows up in feeds of people following you. If you follow communities and people, you’ll see what discussions are getting recommended by others.
Your favorite feeds: Switch between each each to see the detailed flow of comments and discussions around you.

User profiles: A revamped user profile shows off what Disqus users are interested in and talking about. Also, if you're in a conversation with another user, you can now reply to them from their profile.
Where are my notifications?
When you get a new notification, your Inbox icon in the main navigation will change color and display the number of unread notifications that are waiting for you. When you click on the icon, you'll be taken to your Inbox.
Here you'll find replies to your comments, upvotes, invites to discussions, and follow notifications.

How do i follow a community or site?
Follow a community or a site by going to their page and clicking on the follow button in the top banner. Once you start following the site, new content will start flowing into your home feed.

How do I see content from people I follow now?
Content from people that you follow will now show up in your Recent Comments feed in reverse chronological order, as well as in your Recommended feed.
How can I find new people and communities to follow?
New to Disqus?
If you haven't started following any communities or other Disqus users, your feed will be empty. Populate it by following some of the interesting communities and commenters. 

In the sidebar of your homepage, you'll find "Interesting Communities". You can use this to follow popular and interesting communities right from your feed. 

How do I follow someone?
You can follow other Disqus users the way you normally would from the discussion or on someone's profile, but we've also added some new ways to follow people.
If someone starts following you, or they reply to one of your comments, the you can follow them from within your notification feed by clicking the follow button next to their name.
You can also follow a user from the Interesting Commenters section in the sidebar.

How do I reply or like a comment from my notification screen?
If you get a notification that someone has replied to one of your comments, there's no longer a need to go check out the discussion somewhere else. You can read, upvote and reply from your Inbox.
Upvote a comment the way you normally would:

Replying to someone is also familiar: 

How do I update who I am following?
You can manage communities and people that you follow by clicking into your profile and clicking the "Following" tab. From here, you can unfollow communities or people. You can also remove people from Followers list so they no longer see your activity. 

What's missing?

  • Searching your comment history is not implemented yet.

How can you help give feedback to improve the product?
Join the discussion here on Discuss Disqus.

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