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Importing & Exporting
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Getting started

Disqus supports several XML formats natively for comments. If your comments are not in any of these formats, it'll need to be adapted to our Custom XML import schema.


  • Make sure the files you're importing are valid XML. You can use the W3C xml validating tool to check.

  • Compressed files (e.g. .zip, .gzip) can't be read by default, so make sure you've decompressed these before uploading them.

  • The importer will filter out duplicate comments unless you've changed some of the comment data.

  • Email addresses are unique identifiers in Disqus, so make sure each unique user has their own email address before importing. Otherwise all comments will appear from the same user.

  • Imported comments can't be permanently deleted. Consider following our guidelines for development sites to make sure the data you're importing is correct.

Importing comments into Disqus

Exporting from Disqus

Disqus provides an export of all comments on your site in a g-zipped file. This is found in your Moderation panel at Disqus Admin > Setup > Export. The export will be sent into a queue and then emailed to the address associated with your account once it's ready.

Note that this file can't be re-imported into Disqus as-is.

Please note: exports may not be available for all sites, particularly those of a large size. If you've requested an export file more than twice and still have not received a download link from us, it's likely that an export for your site is currently unavailable.

Other methods

These are other ways you may be able to import/export/sync comments, but are not supported by us.


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