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How to use trusted domains
How to use trusted domains
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Trusted domains are set by websites to specify which domains are allowed to create and load new threads with the Disqus javascript embed. As a site owner it's highly recommended that you set at least one trusted domain. It's otherwise possible for any website to load your Disqus shortname and contribute comments and threads.
 Note that it is not possible to retroactively set a trusted domain on existing threads. The domain will only apply to newly created threads.

Setting a trusted domain

Go to your Disqus Admin > Setup > Advanced. Locate the "Trusted domains" box and enter your domains there.

Best practices and troubleshooting

  • Sub-domains are unnecessary, as everything is covered in the base domain. So using  will cover  and .

  • Don't include www  in your trusted domain, or else your comments may not load.

  • As part of the Best Practices for staging sites you can use the trusted domain as a check to make sure you don't load accidentally load a production Disqus shortname on a staging site and vice versa.

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