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With @mentions, you can tag and link to the profile of a user who is following you. It provides a good visual queue for directing your comment at a specific person and it gets their attention by notifying them of your mention.

How do I mention people?

Just type the @ symbol and then continue typing the name of the person you’d like to mention. As you type, Disqus will show a drop-down list of suggested users. The drop down is smart — it will update with increasingly accurate suggestions the further you type.

Who can I mention? Can I mention people not already in the conversation?

You can mention any user that follows you, whether they are in the conversation or not. Mentioning a user that isn't in the conversation will notify them of your mention, and give them an opportunity to join you in the discussion.

Can I disable this? How?

Can I mute mentions from just a single user?

Blocking can achieve this, but it also hides all other commenting activity from that user, in addition to mentions.

What if someone tries to abuse this?

You can always block a user who disrupts your experience on Disqus.

I don't like that I get duplicate notifications if a reply to myself contains a mention.

This is a known issue right now. We're looking to have this resolved in the future. We appreciate your patience :)

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