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Please note that this feature is only available with the Pro and Business subscription plans. More information on these plans may be found here.
Badges are a great way to distinguish contributing community members, and can be applied based on a number of different criteria. They will appear next to a user's name on the awarding site and will be visible universally on the user's profile, incentivizing engagement from the community.

Setting up Badges

Sites will first set up their badges from the badges settings tab in the admin panel, determining what kinds of recognition are most appropriate for their community. There are automated and manual badges, and each badge is designed to be set up with an image and a custom badge name. Up to 8 badges may be added per site.

Badges can be set based on the following criteria:

  • Number of upvotes on a comment - a user will get this badge automatically when a comment of theirs receives the target number of upvotes

  • Number of comments - a user will get this badge automatically once they have posted the target number of comments to the site

  • Number of featured comments - a user will get this badge automatically once they have posted the target number of comments to be featured by a moderator of the site

  • Manual - a user will receive this badge type when a moderator adds the badge to their account

Adding Images

Once the names, criteria, and target numbers have been set, you'll want to add images to each badge. Badge images must be in the .jpg or .png formats, must be under 25kb in size, and should be roughly 64 x 64 pixels.
As long as the above criteria are met, any image may be uploaded and used as the badge image. If you'd prefer to use pre-created images for your badges, we have some available to download here.

Applying Badges to Users

Automated badges will be applied automatically to user accounts, though the counter will start once the badge is created. For example, if you create a badge to be set when a user has posted 100 comments, it will only be applied to accounts who have posted 100 comments after the badge was created. It will not be retroactively applied to users who have posted 100 comments to the site prior to badge creation. If a badge is deleted and re-added it will start the counter anew, but if the badge is simply edited it will remain applied to all users who have received it, regardless of the new criteria.

To apply a Manual badge to an account, moderators will want to locate a comment by the user in the embed, and click the dropdown menu on the right side of the comment, selecting "Manage Badges"

This will open the window within the comment embed to award an existing badge to the user, create a new badge, or remove a badge from the user's account.

Badges may also be applied through the moderation panel. Simply click on a comment, and then click the "Manage user badges" option that appears in the right sidebar

Once a badge has been awarded to a user, they'll be notified in their Disqus Notifications:

Where will badges appear?

Once a badge has been applied to a user's account, it will appear next to their name for all comments left on that site. Up to 3 badges will appear by default, and users may click to view additional badges in the comment embed.

Additionally, all badges awarded to the user (from all sites) may be viewed in the Badges section of the user's profile:

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