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Understanding Earnings and Engagement

Your Disqus revenue is closely tied to reader engagement. That means that the more readers comment on your site, the more viewable your ads will be, and the more you’ll earn. As you begin monetizing your site, ...

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Engage and Reveal Metrics

Building a community is hard. Buckets of blood, sweat, and tears go into it. For over 3.5 million sites, Disqus is a part of that community building process. But sometimes it can feel like guesswork. Engage and...

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Capturing Disqus commenting activity via callbacks

If you would like to track new comments and replies via your own analytics service, such as Omniture or Google Analytics, you can do so via the following callback function. The following callback can be added ...

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Why am I seeing traffic from in my analytics?

Disqus is fully housed in an iframe, loading from the domain ( This iframe is the element in which Disqus loads on any Disqus-enabled webpage. As Disqus is an inte...

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