**Note: Reveal analytics are only available to publishers eligible for Reveal. More information on Reveal can be found here.

Curious about Reveal? We've answered the most common questions below to help you get started.

What is Reveal?

Reveal is an all-in-one, quality, below-the-fold monetization solution for publishers that use Disqus. Publishers select the ad types that work best for their site and earn revenue when their audience engages with those ads.

How do I enable Reveal?

After signing up for Disqus, publishers will have the opportunity to apply for Reveal by entering their payment information from their settings page. For more information see the Reveal eligibility criteria page.

What does 'below-the-fold' mean?

'Below-the-fold' is the area of a webpage that is only visible after a reader scrolls down the page.

What ad types will I see on my site?

You're in control of what ad types appear on your site. Quality native content ads (Sponsored Story and Sponsored Links) are just a click away at Disqus Admin > Revenue > Settings.

How do I know how much I'm earning?

An earnings report is available in the Disqus Admin > Revenue > Settings.

How do I know when I'll be paid?

Your upcoming payments and unpaid earnings are available in the Disqus admin panel Revenue > Analytics > Payments.

For more important payment details, please visit: Receiving payments from Disqus

Where are the settings for Reveal?

Reveal settings are in the Disqus Admin > Revenue > Settings and can only be accessed by the forum founder and moderators of the forum who have "can change settings" permissions. For more information on Reveal settings, please visit: Updating Your Reveal Advertising Settings.

How do Reveal ads impact page load time?

Page load time isn't impacted by Reveal ads. Disqus is non-blocking and waits to load both the discussion and the ads until all other page elements have loaded.

More information is available here: Does Disqus impact page load time?

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