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Disqus Pricing and Plans
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Our subscription prices changed on March 1st, 2021. If you subscribed under the previous pricing, no updates will be needed on your end. Your existing subscription will complete its current cycle at the previous rate and will update automatically with your next billing cycle after the change.

Disqus is supported by a simple pricing model with plans serving the needs of many different types of publishers. From personal blogs to media-giant, we’ve got you covered!

Please note that each plan has limits of eligibility based on pageviews and the number of sites in the Organization. If your subscription is not updated after crossing the pageview or site count threshold, ads may run on your site.


Get all of the core Disqus features including: Comments plug-in, advanced spam filtering, moderation tools, basic analytics, configurable ads, and more.

Free, ads-supported with a Top ads placement required.

Note: Sites that cannot run ads (due to adult content or other restrictions) may not be eligible for the Basic plan, and will be required to run an ads-free subscription to remain on the Disqus network.

Mobile friendly

Optimized and designed for desktop, tablet, or mobile.

SEO optimized

Improve the visibility of your site in organic search results.

Bring in your old comments or have the ability to take your Disqus comments with you with our import and export tools.

Gather supplemental data and see many different points of data relating to comments on any site.

Disqus currently supports over 65 languages, including Spanish, French, and Russian.

Allow your audience to log in using Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Instant activity notifications via web and email to pull readers back in.

Package up notable comments and display them directly within your site content.

Automated Moderation Rules, Pre-moderation controls, Banning, email moderation notifications, and more.

Search using our knowledge base and get help from community experts in real-time discussions on Discuss Disqus.


Get everything in Disqus Basic and the option to turn ads on and off for $12 per month ($11/month with annual billing). Available to organizations containing up to 3 sites, with under 100,000 monthly pageviews total.

Choose whether you would like to display ads with Disqus.

Email support with our friendly Customer Success team to ask questions and provide feedback.


Get everything in Disqus Plus and more for $115 per month ($105/month with annual billing). Available to organizations containing up to 20 sites, with under 1,000,000 monthly pageviews total.

Discretely remove troublesome users from your community without their knowledge.

Give users a chance to correct their behavior with temporary bans with the option to provide feedback.

Uncover insights about your audience including top performing stories by engagement, the growth of your community over time, and your most engaged readers.

Utilize the Disqus API to build powerful integrations.

Receive prioritized email support from our friendly Customer Success team to ask questions and provide feedback.

Customize the look-and-feel of Disqus on your site including custom styling of the comment widget and the ability to remove Disqus branding.

Accounts new to your site can be set to Pending for a number of days specified, while not affecting your returning commenters. This can act as an additional guard against spam and unwanted behavior.

Allow users to add a 1-5 star rating along with their comment. The ratings spread will be shown at the top of the thread.

Upload custom images for a unique set of reactions.

Create custom badges to reward and recognize the commenters in your community. May be applied manually, or based on automated presets.

Allow users to opt into your newsletter through Disqus.


Get everything in Pro, and more. Custom pricing. For enterprise companies and large publishers who want powerful tools and additional support.

Allows users in your own database to comment without forcing them to register with Disqus.

Contact us here for more info.

Custom Pricing/Support

1-on-1 account management that facilitates a closer business relationship with Disqus

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