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Accessibility on Disqus

Here are some examples of how Disqus is made with screenreader accessibility in mind: We use WAI-ARIA tags/attributes. We use best practices with keyboard navigation. Any modal box (profile modals) lau...

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Troubleshooting Email Notifications

Not receiving notification emails Make sure notifications are enabled at Email Notifications (or Moderation for moderator notifications). Check your email's spam filter. Add * and *@disqu...

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Who deleted/removed my comment or blocked my account?

Is your comment not appearing in the thread or are you unable to post? The best way to learn more is to check in your comments feed within your profile for the status of the comment or contact the site moderato...

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Disqus Directory

This is a partial list of sites which use Disqus based on legacy categories. As a reminder, each site that uses Disqus is responsible for its own moderation. Interested in a site you see here? Click the link b...

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How to Get Help and Send Feedback

Below you'll find some helpful steps to access our available support resources. If you are a publisher or moderator of a Disqus forum, please log in here with that account. Step 1. Search for your ...

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